Corporate Transparency Act Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting is now open to business entities formed in U.S.
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Safe, secure, and intuitive solution for managing Beneficial Ownership Information. CTAboi ™ helps you navigate FinCEN reporting regulations under the Corporate Transparency Act.
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CTAboi helps you navigate the collection and submission of your Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
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CTAboi helps you navigate the collection and submission of your BOI Report to FinCEN, with no payments needed until you are ready to file.
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Who Reports
Who Must Report and What's Required?
If your business is set up as a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, you must file an initial BOI Report with FinCEN and keep your report updated. Only a select few businesses are exempt from BOI Reporting requirements.
Required INFO
List your business entities
Legal Name
DBAs, Trade Names, and Alternative Names
List all owners and control parties
Person(s) who own more than 25% of the business
Senior Officers, Executives, & Directors who have substantial control over business decisions
Gather photocopies of Government Issued ID
Must be a valid drivers license or passport
What is the
Corporate Transparency Act?
The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a U.S. federal law impacting over 30 million small businesses in the United States. The CTA mandates businesses formed as legal entities to disclose their ownership information. Civil fines for violations are expensive, and criminal penalties for willful noncompliance can total up to $10,000 in fines per violation and up to 2 years in prison.

The law requires limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, and limited partnerships to file Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reports with the U.S. Department of Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The CTA's objective is to aid law enforcement agencies by revealing bad actors who use U.S. business entities to hide money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

BOI Reports require specific personal information about all of a reporting company's significant owners and important decision makers.
Deadlines for BOI Reporting
The time to file your Beneficial Ownership Information Report depends on when your company was formed. Learn more about reporting deadlines to avoid fines and penalties.
Existing Companies
Companies formed before January 1, 2024 must file during the calendar year 2024 and be in compliance with the law before January 1, 2025.
New Companies
Companies formed after January 1, 2024 must file within 90 calendar days from the formation date to be in compliance with the law.
Update Reports
Report updates to FinCEN within 30 calendar days of any change to the information previously reported.
Correct Prior Reports
File a corrected report to FinCEN within 30 calendar days of the initial incorrect report that contained false or inaccurate information.
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